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Our Reason for Being

When attorneys work with us, they are able to market themselves WHILE serving (and billing) clients.

We exist to solve a problem that Big Law and boutique law firms, and companies serving the legal industry, face constantly. Their lawyers and executives are simply too busy to draft the kinds of marketing and business development content, including thought-leadership content, that can help them build their practices, revenues, and prominence.

We were founded by a former Am Law 50 senior litigation associate who for years faced the same dilemma our law firm clients face today: bill time to client matters in need of their attention or devote non-billable time to marketing and business development efforts.

It’s an unescapable Catch-22. Or, rather, it was an unescapable Catch-22.

We help lawyers of all practices and firm sizes, and executives at companies that serve the legal industry, conceive of, write, and publish the high-quality marketing content, like thought-leadership content, they KNOW they should be writing and producing but are not.

Unlike most legal writers, we know how to write intelligently and thoughtfully about high-level legal concepts and issues in a style our clients’ target audiences can easily digest—and might even actually enjoy reading.

We ghostwrite this content so the lawyers and executives we write for can build their authority and prominence without having to take significant time away from their client matters and business initiatives. 

And, importantly, we ghostwrite this content so that our law firm and corporate clients have the high-quality content they need to fuel their marketing and business development efforts.