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Write less, market yourself more, and get
precious hours back in your day. Guaranteed.℠

We set free the knowledge and wisdom trapped inside Big Law and
boutique law firm partners by collaborating with them to strategize and ethically
ghostwrite book-of-business-building marketing and business development content.

This allows them to market themselves while they stay billable,
engage in other work-related tasks, or simply live their lives outside of the office.

If you are an attorney or a marketing or business development professional at a law firm, you know the role that high-quality attorney-written marketing content such as blog posts, bylined articles, and client alerts plays in building and maintaining a successful legal practice.

You know how important it is to demonstrate thought leadership.

You are also painfully aware that every minute an attorney spends researching and writing this marketing content is a minute the attorney is not billing a client.

For that reason, your law firm and its attorneys likely produce a fraction of the attorney-written marketing content you know they have to produce in order to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

We can help.

We provide editorial services to law firms like yours so that those firms and their attorneys can market themselves, while at the same time, staying billable and profitable. Yes, we ghostwrite high-quality attorney-written content for our law firm clients.

But we also help law firms design and build their thought-leadership strategy and editorial systems and processes. These help those law firms and their attorneys conceive of ideas for content and efficiently transform those ideas into published materials.

Founded and led by a former Am Law 50 senior associate recognized as a legal “trailblazer” by a leading legal industry news publication, everything we do is designed to provide attorneys with high-quality attorney-written thought-leadership marketing content, written in their names, without them having to invest meaningful—and non-billable—time in the process.

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