Our Process

We built our editorial process to help attorneys and their law firms publish high-quality attorney-written thought-leadership marketing content, under their own names, with as little effort as possible.

Having been founded by a former BigLaw attorney, we know the high standards that attorneys like you and law firms like yours demand from yourselves and your colleagues when it comes to work product—billable or not.

This is particularly true with writing.

Sure, attorneys often have attorneys they supervise take the first crack at drafting court papers or correspondence with adversaries.

But most attorneys do not want a non-attorney drafting bylined articles, client alerts, or other high-quality thought-leadership marketing content that the attorneys typically would write themselves if they had the non-billable time to do so.

They know that non-attorneys—even former journalists—are going to

have difficulty ghostwriting high-quality thought-leadership marketing materials for attorneys because they lack legal training and do not understand legal concepts and topics.

In fact, there is a good chance that the attorneys will have to substantially rewrite the draft, wasting a number of hours that otherwise would have been billed to a client.

Our editorial process is straightforward and designed to keep our clients’ attorneys as billable as possible throughout the process:

Step 1

We schedule a planing call with an attorney. During the call, we spend a few minutes getting a sense of the topic the attorney wants to cover and the points they want to make in their piece.

Step 2

Based on what’s discussed during the call, along with any other relevant materials, we write the assigned piece.

Step 3

We submit the draft piece to the attorney.

Step 4

The attorney reviews the piece, provides comments (if any), and eventually signs off on it.

Step 5

If necessary, the approved piece is routed to the attorney’s colleagues for formatting, graphic design, or any other forms of polish.

Step 6

The piece is published. When possible, it is repurposed by the attorney’s firm to reach as many current and prospective referral sources and clients as possible.

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