Who We Are NOT

Looking for a content mill to
churn out cheap, poorly written
marketing content in bulk?

Keep looking.​

It is important that you know who we are NOT. 

We do not function as a content mill churning out poorly written blog posts with titles like “What Should I Do if I Get a DUI?” or “The Laws Against Dog Bites in [Insert City].”

We do not write to satisfy the whims and algorithms of Google and other search engines.

We do not live and die by the latest SEO “hacks.”

We do not outsource our writing to non-native English speakers in foreign countries, and pay them at the rate of pennies per word.

And we never will.

What we DO do is ghostwrite blog posts, bylined articles, client alerts, and any other high-quality thought-leadership content that attorneys would write themselves if they had the non-billable time to do so.

This allows the attorneys and law firms we serve to take what were once non-billable hours dedicated to writing marketing content and turn them into billable hours.