Elevate your thought leadership,
Distinguish yourself from
your competitors, and
Never again be your
target clients’ second choice

The Legal Thought Leadership Accelerator is a FREE five-day educational email course, in which you will learn five advanced principles for conceptualizing and crafting revenue-generating legal thought leadership that positions you to be your target clients’ top choice over your competitors (and the one the media regularly calls and conference organizers regularly put on stage). 

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Created by
Wayne Pollock:

Ready to take your thought leadership
to the next level?

Here’s a sneak peek of everything you’re going to learn inside this email course…

Day #1. Speak it into existence 📣Why you should create thought leadership that talks to the clients you want tomorrow 

Day #2. Give yourself cover fire ☂️: How to create thought leadership that strategically provides air support for your business development ground game 

Day #3. Plant your flag 🏁Why you should build thought leadership campaigns around original research

Day #4. Double dipping 🍦What’s “after hours” client advocacy and why should you employ it

Day #5. Geometry revisited 📐: Why you should focus on choosing angles for your thought leadership, not just topics